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Where do you find Cryptocurrencies, you might ask? I believe by the end of this article, following the two outlined steps you will know exactly where to find any cryptocurrency of your choice and how to go about the process. It will be very beneficial to you to give it a good read.
Cryptocurrencies can literally be found on cryptocurrency analytical websites. On these websites you will find vital information about any cryptocurrency of your choice such as its circulating supply, total supply, market cap, rank, volume, smart contract address, social media channels, charts, etc. These Cryptocurrency analytical websites serve as a directory or yellow page for cryptocurrencies in the Blockchain Industry. Here’s the deal in order to find a cryptocurrency, you simply need to navigate through the pages on the website and by simply clicking on a particular cryptocurrency, a new page/window opens showing all vital information you need to know about such coin/token. Also you can search for any cryptocurrency of your choice by inputting the name or ticker (its abbreviation) in the search area of the website. The most popular cryptocurrency analytical websites include,,,

When searching for a cryptocurrency it can either be through a recommendation, interest to know more or you are simply looking out to find something. Here’s what we are going to do, we will outline two steps we imagine anyone searching for a cryptocurrency would take.
1. Firstly Through a Recommendation: In a scenario where an individual or organization recommends you check out a particular coin/token. Here’s what to do to find this coin/token you were recommended, simply input the name or ticker in the search area of the crypto analytical website and all necessary information you need about such crypto will be revealed. Let’s say you were recommended to invest in bitcoin you simply put bitcoin or btc in the search area of the analytical website and all necessary information on bitcoin will be made available to you. Lets’ use for this illustration
Navigate to search area
Input bitcoin or btc
Click on bitcoin
Following these steps you will find all vital information relating to bitcoin such as its current price, circulating supply, total supply, market capitalization, charts, etc.
bitcoin on
2. Searching On Crypto Analytical Website: Here you are just looking out for a Cryptocurrency you might be interested in, here’s the deal simply visit any analytical website of your choice.
Lets’ use for our illustration.
top 100 cryptocurrencies on coingecko
click on menu
click rankings
click all cryptocurrencies (presents a list of all cryptocurrencies)

click coins (presents a list of all coins)

top 100 coins listed on
top 100 coins on

click tokens (presents a list of all tokens)
screenshot of first 100 tokens on
top 100 tokens by market cap on Coinmarketcap

click gainers & losers (presents a list of all cryptocurrencies with the highest percentage of gains and losses in the last 24 hours)
biggest gainers in the last 24 hours on
biggest gainers on CMC

a list of biggest losers in the past 24 hours on
biggest losers in last 24 hours on CMC

click recently added (On this list you will find a list of recently added coins/tokens on the analytical website).
recently added cryptocurrencies on
recently added cryptocurrencies on CMC

Following the two steps outlined on this article I believe you have been able to accomplish the following objectives:

  1. Know where to find Cryptocurrencies.
  2. Know how to find a cryptocurrency you were recommended
  3. Know where to go if you are looking to discover new cryptocurrencies

Let us hear from you, was this article helpful to you and were you able to accomplish any of the three (3) objectives listed above?