African Blockchain Series

Africa is a unique Continent, apart from being the birth place of the Black Race. Africa is known to be the seat of civilization and as such every new technology always finds its way to the African Continent due to a couple of factors ranging from its population to Human and Natural Resources available. Blockchain Technology utility has been on the rise in developed Countries of the World and also been used in a number of fields, while exploring other fields it can be deployed. In Africa we have not been left behind as we have a number of Cryptocurrency/Blockchain Projects that have been set up in the last five years or longer. Blockchain Technology can be deployed in Numerous fields in the African Continent ranging from Healthcare, Agriculture, Transportation, Finance, etc.

We will start a series called “African Blockchain Series” on the Qrypto Central Blog entirely focused on Crypto and Blockchain Projects based in Africa, shining the searchlights on these projects in relation to what problems they solve, the people behind these projects, their challenges and successes recorded thus far, etc.
Governments in the African Continent are yet to come up with regulations for Cryptocurrency and Blockchain but some African Countries Central Banks and Financial Regulatory bodies has warned its citizens against investing and using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Tron, etc. Despite these warnings we have seen wide adoption of Cryptocurrency by citizens of African countries like Nigeria, South Africa, Tunisia, Rwanda, Senegal, Morocco, etc. A sizeable number of African Countries are reported to be pro-crypto, as there are even speculations on social media from unverified sources that some of these Countries are planning to introduce digital versions of their paper currencies (FIAT).blockchain technology in Africa

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology if utilized can provide solutions to a number of problems in the African Continent. At these early stages of the Blockchain technology we have a number of African Blockchain Projects targeting different industries and sectors. We will showcase these African based projects to you, now the deal is for you to follow our “African Blockchain Series” on Qrypto Central Blog.

Disclaimer: Note that every project on review in the “African Blockchain Series” is a product of personal research. We do not get paid to promote any of these projects but we carry out the research as a way to create awareness about Cryptocurrency and Blockchain projects that are from Africa and targeted at the Blockchain Industry in Africa. You should always do your own research (DYOR) before investing in any of the projects we feature on the African Blockchain Series.