Terra Foundation Premieres on the African Blockchain Series

The African Blockchain Industry is developing at an incredible pace. It is great to know Africa as a Continent hasn’t been left behind in regards this disruptive emerging technology. Our next Project on focus in the African Blockchain Series is a South African project called Terra.

The Terra Foundation consist of a number of interesting products, which are unique and provide solutions to vital problems in the African Continent. Now lets’ take a look at the different products that comprises the Terra Foundation Ecosystem.



TerraCex stands for Terra Centralized Exchange. TerraCex is a highly transparent and secure South African Cryptocurrency Exchange, with trading fees as low as 0.01%. Currently TerraCex offers FIAT to Crypto services in five African Countries that means you can deposit FIAT to buy Crypto and you can also sell Crypto for FIAT and withdraw to your bank account. This provides solution to a major problem for cryptocurrency traders and investors in Africa.


Credit Coin and Blockchain

Credit is a decentralized Cryptocurrency which employs a Proof-of-Stake (POS) algorithm that allows any of its user to become a block producer and earn new coins as rewards in return for maintaining the Credit Blockchain. The Terra Foundation team designed Credit to be a digital payment solution to the worlds unbanked population offering free and fast Blockchain based payments. Credit is the native Coin of the Terra Foundation Ecosystem. Within the Terra Ecosystem Credit will function as a unit of account.
Credit Coin and blockchain specifications


This is a web based digital wallet for staking Credit decentralized Cryptocurrency. This is where you stake your Credit to earn rewards through block productions. Minipos wallet replaces the need for a CPU based device for staking, allowing smartphone users access to also earn staking rewards. Here’s the deal, Minipos wallet offers an amazing 100% profit in rewards for staking per annum. However, the staking rewards are paid hourly to Minipos wallet users.

Tellus Ecosystem

The Tellus Ecosystem consist of Tellus-Pay and Tellus-Merchant. Tellus-Pay is a global payment processor created by the Terra Foundation. It offers fast and free digital payments secured with end to end encryption. While Tellus-Merchant is a payment processor for merchants. Merchants are able to integrate the payment processor into their physical and online stores to process payments. Presently the South African Rand and Nigerian Naira have been integrated into the Tellus Ecosystem. The Tellus Ecosystem is originally targeted at the unbanked population by facilitating FIAT and Crypto based transactions to allow merchants and their clients leverage Cryptocurrency focused payment services.Tellus-Pay on QryptoCentral

Terra.Credit Explorer
This is the Credit Cryptocurrency Explorer, used to monitor transaction as they occur on the Credit Blockchain. Every transaction that occurs on the Credit Blockchain is visible on the explorer with no hidden transactions making it transparent. The URL of the explorer is https://terra.credit



This is a trading application still under development that allows it users to connect their multiple cryptocurrency exchange accounts and trade via an API in a single dashboard. In other words Terra-dax is a multi-crypto exchange trading application which serves the purpose of a portfolio management system where watch list and trading views can be customized into one dashboard.



Terra-mart is an online marketplace operated by Terra and Tellus-Pay. Merchants can simply sign up on the marketplace, go through a verification and then place their goods and services for sale online. The deal is, merchants create their own unique virtual stores which are being enhanced with its own personalized URL. As an extra incentive for buyers and sellers in the marketplace, you get zero fees buying and selling using Credit Coin.


TerraHub is a social network created by the Terra Foundation team. On this social network, members are being incentivized through leveraging on social media campaigns to earn Credit. TerraHub can best described as an incentivized social network.



The Terra Foundation Ecosystem consist of viable products that provides real world solutions to problems in the Financial Technology Industry in Africa and the world at large. Majority of these products have been launched and are fully operational while a few are expected to be launched within the year 2020. The team behind Terra are experienced and dedicated to their work and we can see that through the efforts they put into TerraCex, Tellus-Pay, Minipos, Credit, Terra.Credit, Terra-mart, Terra-dax, TerraHub and TerraWallet. Also important to note that all viable products by the Terra Foundation are compliant with Government laws and financial regulations within the jurisdiction they operate.
For more information about Terra Foundation and their products you can visit the links below.
Read the Terra Whitepaper – https://terra-credit.com/whitepaper.pdf
Trade or Stake CREDIT on the Terra exchange platform – https://terra-cex.com
Get a Credit web wallet here – http://terra-wallet.com
Check out the Terra-mart online marketplace – https://terra-mart.com
Download the native Terra trading app here – https://terra-dax.com
A mobile based payment app – https://tellus-pay.com
Tellus merchant ecosystem – https://Tellus-merchant.com
Join Terra on Telegram – https://t.me/terracredit