First Kudi on the African Blockchain Series

The African Blockchain Series Presents First Kudi. Ever imagined being able to use Cryptocurrency for shopping and paying bills in Africa through a debit card, being able to open a digital currency backed bank account, send and receive payments securely at an incredible speed as a merchant for free? If yes, this is why you should read this article till the end.
First Kudi is a Cryptocurrency Exchange and payments application developed by Ferrum Network. It was originally targeted at the West African sub region of the African Continent with plans to cover more regions as adoption grows. Now lets take a look at the unique features of First Kudi.

First Kudi Exchange

The First Kudi application houses a fast and secure cryptocurrency exchange where you can trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ferrum, GUSD and Nigerian Naira (NGN). If you are looking for where to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ferrum securely with local currency, First Kudi Exchange makes it possible with just a few clicks. The deal is at First Kudi Exchange you can easily hedge your cryptocurrency against the US Dollar through the Gemini Dollar Stablecoin (GUSD) to protect the value of your crypto investment and minimize risk due to high volatility of the cryptocurrency market. Did I also mention that at First Kudi Exchange you enjoy one of the lowest trading fees?


One Click Bank Accounts

First Kudi in collaboration with Providus Bank (a top financial institution in Nigeria), offers Kudi users a bank account. These bank accounts can be accessed directly on the First Kudi app upon signing up and verifying identity. The process is as easy as a one click procedure. This is targeted at bringing cutting edge financial services to the unbanked population. First Kudi services are not limited to individual users, businesses can also use the Kudi platform thereby creating an ecosystem for micro/small businesses to have direct access to financial services. With the use of DAG Technology powered by Ferrum Network, you can send and receive money anywhere in the world securely and instantly for zero transaction fees without using a bank.

Kudi Card

First Kudi in partnership with Stanbic IBTC Bank (one of Nigeria’s leading Banks) introduces Kudi Card. First Kudi users have access to a Verve debit card that is directly linked to their Kudi app, which allows you to spend Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ferrum (FRM), Gemini US Dollar (GUSD) and most importantly the Naira (NGN) anywhere debit cards are accepted for payments.Kudi card on Qrypto Central
Ever imagined turning your bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency into cash and using it to pay for goods and services? This can be achieved using the Kudi Card. You can simply withdraw money from the Kudi app directly to your Kudi card for use at any ATM or storefront. This card enables cryptocurrency investors and traders in Nigeria the ability to convert their cryptocurrency to Naira and then withdraw at any ATM point.Kudi card used to spend bitcoin in Nigeria

Kudi Business

Kudi Business is a free mobile point of sale (POS) system that is integrated into the Kudi app, which allows retailers and merchants to accept payments for goods and services using their phone numbers or QR code that is available in the Kudi app. Kudi Business provides solution to the problem of retailers paying exorbitant bank fees for functional POS systems.Kudi Business point of sale


From the four features of First Kudi highlighted, we can see it is an innovative financial ecosystem that is well suited for the 21st century with their cutting edge technology and tailor made services. The question is; do you want to invest, spend or buy Cryptocurrencies in Africa? First Kudi has got you all covered.
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Disclaimer: Note that every project on review in the “African Blockchain Series” is a product of personal research. We do not get paid to promote any of these projects but we carry out the research as a way to create awareness about Cryptocurrency and Blockchain projects that are from Africa and targeted at the Blockchain Industry in Africa. You should always do your own research (DYOR) before investing in any of the projects we feature on the African Blockchain Series.