Unlocking the Potential of Blockchain and Infrastructure in Africa

The vast swathes of Africa’s fertile lands may ultimately prove a central arena for the ground-up development of innovative digital infrastructure and green energy projects. Recent pivotal moments in African trade, such as the African Continental Free Trade Agreement, are setting the table for an environment conducive to rapid growth, where both energy and financial infrastructure are a primary focus.
Africa’s untapped economic potential is no secret. The continent’s population has soared past more than 1.3 billion, which accounts for roughly 17% of the world’s population and is mostly comprised of young people, with two-thirds of the population below the age of 24.
Such a bulge in the youth of Africa has helped fuel the fastest-growing mobile market in the world, but one that still lacks a robust financial infrastructure. Despite the ubiquity of mobile phones (specifically Nokia), only 6% of Africans make payments with a mobile device.
But that could all change soon.