500 Nigerian Developers for Ethereum

With the announcement of ConsenSys Founder Joe Lubin during Devcon 5 launching the drive to increase the Ethereum developer community to one million, we launched a pilot project which was sponsored by ethereum.network and our amazing partners Cryptographic Development Initiatives in Nigeria(CDIN), Crevatal.


The pilot project turned out an amazing learning time for the participants who in the coming days will be releasing their codes to show the world how impactful the project was. Also the pilot project presented us with opportunity to do an holistic review and come up with more impactful and organized teaching and learning program.


With careful review done on the pilot project and more support from the global Ethereum community, we announce the launch of the first Phase of 500 Nigeria Devs for Ethereum project. This phase promise to welcome more participants from Nigeria and other African countries, mentors from global Ethereum community and improved partners both in and outside of Nigeria.


The focus of this phase is primarily to have developers using various programming language learn solidity and will allow for global interaction of participants and notable Ethereum personalities.

Partners for this phase of the projects include


Cryptographic Development Initiatives in Nigeria(CDIN) a non-profit professional organization founded to address the gaps in the learning and practice of cryptography in Nigeria.


Crevatal was birthed out of passion for excellence in user experience delivery.


Precise Financial Systems LTD. is an indigenous software development company that has provided innovative and world-class solutions over the past 25 years across 27 African countries.


Its corporate slogan, “Simple Solutions…”, provides a perspective that the solutions are simple, practical, breaks barriers and change the status quo at all times.


Registration for this phase opens Monday 3rd February, 2020 and will close Friday 6th March, 2o20 after an announcement to be made at Ethereum Community Conference 3 in Paris.

CDIN call on strategic stakeholders and partners in crypto/blockchain space across the Africa continent who have always been the secrets behind the development in the ecosystem to join forces with this project for the progress of the ecosystem and the nation at large.
The project is still open to sponsors in various categories such as media partners, branding, and developer participation.