ABS: Africa's Biggest Decentralized Exchange

On the African Blockchain Series we will take a look at a Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange dubbed to be Africa’s biggest Decentralized Exchange. Not only do they have a DEX but this Corporation has a number of interesting products that fit well into the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Industry in Africa.
African Blockchain Series presents to you AfroDex Labs.
What is AfroDex Labs?
AfroDex Labs Stands for African Decentralized Exchange Lab. This is a Corporation that utilizes Blockchain Technology for services such as a Decentralized Crypto Exchange, Launchpad, Incubator and Accelerator focused on developing and deploying technologies for easier Ethereum and ERC tokens mass adoption.
AfroDex was founded in 3rd January, 2019 by Emmanuel Adams. In a space of one year AfroDex Labs have released a decentralized exchange, telegram crypto wallet bot, AfroX and staking platform with other interesting products planned to be rolled out within 2020.
Launchpad: The AfroDex Exchange offers blockchain start-ups a transparent environment for them to raise funds through token sales to potential investors in the form of an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) or Launchpad.
Incubator: The Exchange also provide incubator services for these blockchain start-ups to groom them until they find their feet.
AfroDex is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange for Ethereum based tokens. It offers a crypto exchange solution based on direct peer to peer (P2P) trading, where there are no centralized wallets but trading is done directly from each user wallets. This provides the highest level of security and data privacy – as data is transferred in an encrypted form.
AfroDex is listed as an exchange on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko.
AfroX Token
AfroX is one of the native tokens of the AfroDex Labs ecosystem. AfroX operates a proof-of-stake algorithm with staking rewards paid on a daily basis. It serves as an accessory to a number of features and services within the AfroDex Labs Ecosystem such as voting to list a token on the DEX, staking, governance, etc. The AfroX token is also accepted by retailers and merchants for payments in exchange for goods and services, you can shop with AfroX at superinka.com. Works are already in place for more merchants and retailers to accept AfroX for payments.
Token Name: AfroDex
Token Symbol: AfroX
Initial Supply: 700,000,000,000,000
Token Contract: 0x08130635368AA28b217a4dfb68E1bF8dC525621C
AfroDex Labs Token is the old token of the AfroDex ecosystem. It is used mainly for voting of tokens listed on the AfroDex Exchange for delisting.
AfroDex Telegram Bot Wallet
This is a Telegram Bot wallet for Ethereum based tokens.
For more information on how to set up the telegram bot
This is a payment processor targeted towards merchant payment services and also retailers. It will comprise of AfroPay Merchant App and AfroPay Lite App. AfroPay is still under development and planned to be released by Q3 2020.
AfroDex Labs in a space of one year have accomplished so much. The future looks bright looking at their accomplishments in the past year and plans for the year 2020. Being the first decentralized exchange from this part of the world. They have accomplished an important feet and also positioned themselves as trail blazers in the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industry in Africa.
AfroDex will compete well against IDEX and other established decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges in the industry in no distant time.
For more details, visit the following links
Website: http://afrodexlabs.com
Medium: https://medium.com/@AfroDex1
Telegram: https://t.me/AfroDex