African Blockchain Series Presents Cryptocurrency Academy

Good day Mr Adams

1. Can we know you?

My name is Brian Adams Kuria a blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast, also a cofounder of Cryptocurrency Academy (CCA). CCA is a crypto and blockchain education start up.
I got into the cryptocurrency and blockchain back in 2016. It is fascinating how I got to learn about it.
As far as I can remember a friend of mine once mentioned “Bitcoin” digital asset that was appreciating in value over short period of time, this was a mustard seed my friend had planted. Over time I got to learn about the cryptocurrencies and the tech behind it.

2. What motivated you to start Cryptocurrency Academy?

Cryptocurrency Academy started off as a Whatsapp and telegram group, where people came to learn and interact about the new technology. Truth be said many of them wanted to learn on how to make money from cryptocurrencies, which is still so up to date.

What really pushed me to the starting off CCA is to help people have an avenue where they can get to learn more about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is. We want to help people build careers, build solutions, create employment opportunities in this space, here in Africa and the best way to do that is through education. Africa is still green when it comes to blockchain, and it being part of the 4IR techs it will solve some of Africa’s hugest hurdles such as corruption and vote leaguing.

3. What services do you offer at Cryptocurrency Academy?

At CCA we focus on educating individuals, groups and corporates about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. We do have an introduction course which basically introduces people to this industry and which is absolutely free for anyone to join from any part of the world. We welcome you all to join us on Zoom application every Thursday, where we get various experts to share their opinions on various subject matters such as:

  • What are Cryptocurrencies and how do they work?
  • Identifying Cryptocurrency Scams.
  • How to buy and sell cryptocurrencies?
  • What are wallets and how to keep them safe?
  • Blockchain essentials.
  • Cryptocurrency Slangs.

Visit for more information.CCA on African Blockchain Series

4. Tell us more about your courses at Cryptocurrency Academy?

We also have some two more modules which focus on Cryptocurrency Investments and Blockchain development. On Cryptocurrency investments we cover revenue generating avenues such as DeFi, Mining, Hodling, Staking Cryptocurrency trading.

What we offer should not be treated as financial advice but educational information where the interested parties can always choose what to do with the information. This module is also very important as it helps the individual have a better understanding of this industry.

5. Outside educating people about cryptocurrency and blockchain in Africa, what other services do you offer?

Our third module focusses on blockchain development, the module takes you through the essentials of What blockchain is, how does blockchain work, various types of blockchain, writing smart contracts, building DApps , Integrating user interfaces to blockchain networks, creating tokens and Tokenomics?

Through this combination one will be able to:

  • Build a career.
  • Build DApps.
  • Manage his Cryptocurrency Assets.
  • Build a cryptocurrency / blockchain community.
  • Familiarize with crypto ad blockchain terms.


6. On a general note where do you see cryptocurrency and blockchain industry in Africa in the next five years?

Now more than ever we stand a chance to create an Africa of value.

Africa has a chance to build a completely new ecosystem that solves its issues. In the next Five years I see Africa starting to utilize its greatest resource, its youth to build a better Africa. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies will play a huge integral role, in things like crowd funding and so.

7. In conclusion, what are your goals for Africa and Africans through cryptocurrency academy?

As of now we are concentrating on education, in future we will be a hub that discovers, accelerates and helps in Adoption of blockchain based solutions across Africa. We cannot do this alone.

So we welcome any interested parties can join us on Whatsapp or telegram.

Thank you Mr Adams Kuria