Blockchain Entrepreneurs set to Launch Charity Program for Covid-19

Governments and other relevant bodies are not relenting in the search for a cure, or other ways to get rid of this virus.
However, some of the measures being taken in the process are resulting in a series of other problems that are mostly socio-economic in nature. One common measure that is being implemented in most parts of the world is the restriction of movement. This measure is mainly used to enforce social-distancing in order to control the spread of the Covid-19 virus. A fallout of this measure is the inability of the population to provide for themselves, especially in the areas affected by the lockdown.


Bottlenecks in Government Support Programs

In most countries, government palliatives have been provided in order to alleviate the suffering of the people who may not be able to provide for themselves at the moment. This has worked well only in countries where there is an organized database and well documented structure of the citizens. For developing countries with a high population of unbanked and underbanked citizens, it has been a huge headache. There are claims by the government in most cases to be on top of the game and getting it right, but the story on the streets is different. A lot of the poor people are complaining of either getting too little palliatives or not getting any at all.

There have also been some allegations of corruption in the ways that the funds and materials are being distributed. Currently, well-meaning individuals and groups have been observed to be embarking on giveaways both in cash and kind. Some take advantage of social media platforms to reach out to people who they think might need help, while some others take physical products to specific areas to distribute.


Using Blockchain to Introduce Efficiency and Transparency

In this same vein, a group of blockchain stakeholders and other associated establishments across Africa has embarked on a movement to distribute palliatives to at least 500 families in Lagos, Nigeria during this period of lockdown. This group, christened “Blockchain4Covid19” has a goal of using blockchain technology to achieve a transparent and traceable charity delivery system. This is regarded as a real use case of the technology which is still strange to a lot of people.

The program which plans to launch officially on Wednesday, April 22, 2020 will be transported through its official website, It is a platform where anyone from any part of the world can make donations of any amount. These donations will be registered on a blockchain ledger that will be open for all to view and track. It is a platform that offers an opportunity for people to show empathy and support to fellow human beings in these trying times. As mentioned above, the Blockchain4Covid19 platform in its first phase seeks to offer support to 500 families in Lagos, which is the most affected state by Covid19 in Nigeria.
The group is structured into different teams and departments that are working together towards achieving this goal. Donations towards the project can be made with both fiat and a number of supported cryptocurrencies. More information about the program, the team and how to join the process of helping other people can be found on You can also follow all the developments on the program through its twitter handle @Bchain4COVID19.