PIVX Alledges John McAfee Plagiarized Ghost Whitepaper

British-American entrepreneur John McAfee’s anonymity-oriented Ghost project has been accused of blatantly plagiarizing the September 2018 whitepaper of privacy coin PIVX according to an official tweet from PIVX Twitter handle.

PIVX went further to attach screenshots on twitter showing the plagiarized pages in the Ghost whitepaper numbering about 20 out of the 26 pages of the whitepaper.
Switch, an exchange backed by John McAfee published a statement on medium in response to PIVX allegation addressing the issue.
According to the publication:

PIVX was originally a fork of DASH. We thought about forking DASH for this project, like PIVX had done in the past, but PIVX has made some awesome additions and their product is better in our opinion. The utmost respect to the PIVX team and their efforts. There are amazing privacy features behind PIVX that have been developed by talented engineers, which is why we chose to start with their codebase, however there are future improvements that have not been implemented, and that is what we’ve been focused on building. When GHOST main net is released in June, you guys will see all the work that has been done.