Free TON Launches Contests to Distribute TON Crystals

The Free TON community, an independent group of software developers, validators and users that launched “Free TON Blockchain” on May 7th based on Telegram Open Network, the blockchain originally created by messenger app Telegram is launching its first community contests for distribution of TON Crystals. Starting on 18th May, users, developers and validators are invited to participate in three different contests. Free TON is planning to distribute thousands of TON Crystals among the winners and participants.
Each of the three contests aims to distribute at least 50,000 TONs among winners and participants. The contest is expected to run from May 18th to May 25th. Unfortunately people from the United States currently cannot participate in the network or contest.
Telegram and its CEO Pavel Durov have had legal battles with United States Authorities concerning TON and GRAM Tokens which ended with Pavel Durov officially terminating Telegram’s involvement in the TON and Gram token, citing a U.S. court banning Telegram from distributing its tokens anywhere in the world.