Tony Diuto of on Africa Blockchain Series

ABS: Interview With Tony Diuto of Diutocoinnews

Africa Blockchain Series features Tony Diuto of
Tony Diuto of on Africa Blockchain Series

Hello Tony, can you introduce yourself and your niche in the blockchain industry?
Response: My name is Tony Diuto. I am the Founder of Diutocoinnews Media and a newsman. I am quite passionate about technology, making research and media.

What is your view on the present blockchain ecosystem in Africa and has there been any improvements in the number of visitors from Africa to your media platform so far in 2020?

Response: The blockchain space here is growing enormously in Africa and that has been a huge drive towards growth and adoption.
We have seen a tremendous growth on visits from Nigeria and most other African countries like Kenya coming to our news site to learn and get informed.
Diutocoinnews contributes in making the ecosystem informed and enlightened. Most visits come from Nigeria which is the heart of blockchain and cryptocurrency in Africa.

What are your recommendations in regards to getting more Africans interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain through media platforms using as point of view?

Response: At Diutocoinnews, we intend to use our media channel to educate and inform the community in Nigeria and Africa on the activities going on within the blockchain ecosystem.
With proper information and educational articles, individuals will get to understand and learn. The students are one of the main grassroot channels in getting the knowledge to a wider audience.
As a Binance Campus Ambassador in Nigeria, we are already making efforts to educate and inform the community in Nigeria to get enlightened on blockchain technology.
We need to talk with the target audience and engage them from time to time to get them interested. Media need to work alongside projects to help them deliver to their target audience and engage them.

What is the major limitation your blockchain media platform faces in regards the blockchain space in Africa?

Response: At present, the ecosystem is still growing in Africa. Most limitation here is the issue of getting individuals to adopt cryptocurrency and utilize blockchain technology in the cause of awareness promotions.
With a continous growth and development of blockchain focused user-friendly application aimed at solving individual problems at various levels. The interest of individuals being taught will increase and yield more results.
With products from blockchain companies like Abitnetwork which is solving various human problems utilizing blockchain technology. We will see a huge adoption soon in Nigeria and Africa at large.

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What are your final words of encouragement to blockchain media platform entrepreneurs and start-ups in Africa?

Response: I will encourage different media platforms to continue in their various efforts in educating and informing their various audience.
It is the job of the media to get people’s interest, educate and inform them. With continuous collaborative efforts with various blockchain projects, African will be the new silicon valley for blockchain technology across the world.

We have come to the end of the interview. Thank you Tony Diuto for your time.


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