Africa Blockchain University on Focus in Africa Blockchain Series on

ABS: Africa Blockchain University on Focus 

As part of our responsibility to tell the African Blockchain stories through the Africa Blockchain Series on Qrypto Central. In this article we will take a look at a Non-Profit Educational Institution in Africa focused primarily on promoting Blockchain technology across the lengths and breath of Africa.

Introducing Africa Blockchain University(ABU) 

Africa Blockchain University on Focus in Africa Blockchain Series on
I know you would be wondering what Africa Blockchain University is? or if ABU is a conventional university? Well Africa Blockchain University or ABU is a Non-Profit educational institution focused primarily on promoting Blockchain technology throughout the African Continent with policy advocacy, research, training, and project incubation as the main focus.

Why Africa Blockchain University? 

The African Continent is faced with a number of problems. The Africa Blockchain University believes that if blockchain technology can be adopted in Africa, it would be an effective tool to utilize in addressing these problems head on and provide solutions to them.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to unleash and inspire entrepreneurship abilities in African Youth by equipping them with the opportunities that the Blockchain avails.


Services Offered by ABU

ABU aims to unveil the opportunities in Blockchain Technology to the African Continent through;

  • Research: Africa Blockchain University is continuously undertaking various research activities to show effectively how blockchain technology can solve the major problems being faced in different industries in Africa today.
  • Training: ABU has a working understanding with various academic, business, and state-run institutions to run blockchain training events for African entrepreneurs and Fintech innovators.
  • Business Incubation: ABU offers a business incubator program targeted at African crypto/blockchain start-ups and entrepreneurs to provide incubation services during their early stages to help mentor them into world-class industry leaders. The Incubation period is a very important period for start-ups and entrepreneurs as the success of the project depends on its passing the incubation stage.
  • Policy Advocacy: ABU is at the fore front of providing advocacy for blockchain technology in Africa. Through various capacity building events to people in the grassroots like students in Schools. An example here is the Lesotho Blockchain Camp 2020. Also ABU has been making demands to policy makers in Africa for the adoption of Blockchain Technology. One of such was a call by Africa Blockchain University to the African Union to employ Digital Currency to create growth with the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) which was contained in the State of Blockchain In Africa Report: 2nd Quarter 2020.

    Lesotho Blockchain Camp 2020 on Africa Blockchain Series


 Africa Blockchain University Team

The Africa Blockchain University team comprises of a number of top professionals in the Fintech industry with impressive track records over the years. The team lead and founder is Afrikanus Kofi Akosah Adusei (Frisco d’Anconia), who is a journalist by profession and a free market policy analyst.
Click for full details of ABU team and board members.

101 Blockchain Excellence Course | with Althash, HTMLCOIN and Paxful

Africa Blockchain University (ABU) is collaborating with Althash, HTMLCoin and Paxful to run a FREE online Blockchain 101 course for young people across Africa. This is a beginner level course for anyone enthusiastic about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.
You can apply for the Blockchain Excellence Course here

Final Thoughts on ABU

ABU is opening up new frontiers in Africa and creating awareness about blockchain technology on its various real life use cases and areas of application in Africa to solve problems be it political, social, environmental or economic.
Areas of current research interests by ABU includes:

  • Socio-Economic Impact of Blockchain
  • Blockchain for Land Titles, Birth & Death Registry
  • Eliminating Extreme Poverty with Tokenization.