what is Bitfxt Card?

Introducing B-Card By Bitfxt Exchange

Bitfxt is a cryptocurrency exchange registered in Nigeria, with its headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria. Bitfxt was in the news earlier this year when they secured $15M in funding from a UK syndicate of Hedge Funds and UK company, Payitup Clearinghouse Ltd (UK).

what is Bitfxt Card?

What is Bitfxt Card(B-Card)?

Bitfxt Card or B-Card is a virtual cryptocurrency card that let’s you redeem cryptocurrencies on the Bitfxt Exchange. One major advantage of B-Card is, your value in B-Card maintains a stable value like a stablecoin until you redeem it on the Bitfxt exchange.

How Does Bitfxt Card works?

B-Card is much similar to traditional gift cards. Basically you need to purchase B-Card from a vendor based on the amount you want. Then you can either send someone the B-Card or you can use it to redeem any cryptocurrency of your choice on the Bitfxt exchange.

What can you use B-Card for?

  1. To Buy Cryptocurrency: it’s quite easy to buy cryptocurrencies on the Bitfxt exchange using B-Card. All you need to do is buy B-Card from a vendor and then visit the exchange to use the purchased B-Card in buying any cryptocurrency of your choice on the list of redeemable currencies using B-Card.
  2. To Gift Cryptocurrency: you can send friends and families B-Card as a gift. You simply purchase B-Card from a vendor and send them the B-Card through an email or any other medium.
  3. Money Transfers: You can easily transfer value using B-Card. B-Card is a good alternative for monetary transfers during this period of COVID-19.

Now would you like to know the steps involved in redeeming a B-Card? Let’s take a look.
How do you redeem Bitfxt Card(B-Card)?