Spanish Cider Makers are Utilizing Blockchain Technology to Fight Counterfeits

Two Spanish cider companies have integrated Blockchain technology to help fight against counterfeiting of their cider products and over-production.

Spanish cider companies Sidra Menéndez S.L. and Llagar Castañón S.L are utilizing the Telos blockchain to track the production of their beverages. This will effectively help the cider makers to fight against counterfeiting of their cider products and over-production.

Cider is one of Spain’s top beverages made from designated Spanish grown apple varieties that places it under the EU’s Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) explained Luis Meijueiro from The Telescope, a Telos block producer. Which means that every part of these ciders’ production and processing must take place within the Asturias region.


The Spanish cider industry has been plaqued with a number of challenges ranging from importation of apples from outside the region to make imitation cider beverages.

Chief architect of the Telos Blockchain, Douglas Horn had this to say:

Tracking cider production is an excellent example of the many ways Telos can help solve challenges in supply chain management, agriculture, and consumer goods.

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The Telos Blockchain will make it possible for consumers of cider to trace the origins of each bottle via the SidraDOP app by scanning a QR code on the label of the bottle.

Through Telos, cider consumers can see the full history of each bottle, the varieties of apples used and when it was delivered. To determine the authenticity of each cider bottle. Also every transaction will be stored on the Telos blockchain registry.

Now all parties involved in cider production are expected to register their activities on the Telos blockchain. These includes apple producers, cider makers, beverage distributors and sellers. This will be done under the supervision of cider regulators.

This is a step in the right direction for the adoption of Telos Blockchain and Blockchain technology as a whole.