Australia National Rugby League Adopts Blockchain Tech

Australia’s National Rugby League Adopts Blockchain Tech

Australia’s National Rugby League (NRL) adopts Blockchain technology to tackle the issue of counterfeit goods available on online merchandise platforms.

Australia National Rugby League Adopts Blockchain Tech

The National Rugby League announced it will be using a blockchain based digital application that will help fans find and buy legitimate merchandise of their favourite rugby teams in Australia.

The NRL is working in collaboration with the Australian government and IP Australia’s Smart Trade Mark Initiative to tackle counterfeit goods via a pilot project called the “Trust Badge”. This will be used on two of its official merchandise stores online.

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Karen Andrews, Australia’s Minister for Industry, Science and Technology said:

“This initiative has enormous potential to help Australian businesses protect their brands online and give consumers confidence that they are purchasing the real deal. Australian products are in demand around the world thanks to our reputation for quality and the Morrison Government will do everything we can to help our businesses protect themselves”.

Blockchain brings authenticity to merchandise

Trust Badge pilot project will ensure NRL fans around the world that are looking to buy merchandise of their favourite Australian Rugby League teams are buying the authentic ones.

The NRL General Manager for Consumer Business, Shaun McMartin believes that the pilot project can make a meaningful difference in addressing the scourge of counterfeit goods