Introducing ‘The Algorand Club’ Team Members

Introducing ‘The Algorand Club’ Team Members

Algorand, the world’s first open-source, permission-free, pure proof-of-stake blockchain protocol for the next generation of financial products, collaborated with Encode, a group of university blockchain developers hosting hackathons, activities, and similar programs to launch a code club that began on September 14 as the ‘Algorand club’. Interestingly, an announcement of teams participating in the program has been made; this announcement was met with receptive and encouraging reactions as it provided an avenue for blockchain developers to make ground-breaking breakthroughs in their innovative projects and research implementations.


Encode is a community of undergraduate students, certified professionals, and programmers forming an online blockchain community. , Encode works directly via scholars and student groups, societies, organizations, and universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, London, Rome, Zurich, and many more. This platform ensures that future developers and programmers are privileged to meet individuals with similar goals and goals, and also ensures that ideas and knowledge can be easily shared between people to improve the smooth realization of set goals.


The ‘Algorand Club’ was scheduled to be a 10-week hackathon to be coordinated by Algorand and Encode intending to choose 3-10 groups with a maximum of 6 talented students or anyone with an amazing project concept to help create and ultimately finance them. According to Encode, it will provide participants with a great blockchain platform to build on, and also enable participants to grow on a similar blockchain instead of getting multiple Blockchains. This will also foster interactions and make it easier to share ideas

It is also noteworthy to point out that when the announcement was made earlier this year, it was stated that there will be rewards in form of financial incentives which include (A 4000 pounds grant). Other forms of rewards include support that will be given throughout along with full guidance, Mentorship from leading investors and entrepreneurs, Support from the world’s best, the Algorand team. Furthermore, Free product marketing to the already available Algorand community and the world at large will be provided and help with further raising of funds. There will also be access to a private discord community of other teams.


The premise of this event is that when imaginative blockchain developers with hackathons are completed, they have a massive potential space and resources to start developing promising ‘innovative projects’. This collaboration is related to the creation of a framework that will help these intelligent developers achieve the next level. Also, all teams will aspire to develop together on one platform so that they have the team spirit, encouragement, and input from other teams at the same time. A forum, therefore, where everyone is encouraged and ideas are provided. Google Cloud and its developers will also support the teams during the program.


The teams participating include;

Name; Algoduino·

Team: Ted Nivan

Idea: Creating an infrastructure to easily build IoT applications on Algorand



Name: dAirbnb

Team: Prof Andrea Bracciali (Stirling), Prof Daniel Broby (Strathclyde), Siham Lassaoui (Ph.D., Mohammed V University, Rabat), Cristian Lepore

Idea: Decentralised application for the accommodation rental market

Name: Footium

Team: Jordan Lord (Graduate, Bristol), Patrick Li (Graduate, Bristol), James O’Leary (Student, Oxford)

Idea: Football management game built on Algorand

Name: Isomorph

Team: Dan Hails (Student, Imperial)

Idea: A 1–1 asset mapping between Algorand and Ethereum

Name: Qvote

Team: Edoardo Pona, Mateusz Bednarski, Rayhan Beebeejaun, Oscar Hjelde (Students, KCL)

Idea: Quadratic voting platform for autonomous management in corporations

Name: Chikaara

Team: Abihmanyu Shekwarat (Hacker), Manank Patni (Student, Rajasthan), Mitrasish Mukherjee (Graduate, Jadavpur), Prashant Maurya (Hacker)

Idea: Decentralised mapping on Algorand as an upgrade of FOAM.

Name: Apodeixi

Team: Sai Medury (Ph.D., Uni of Tennessee), Lalith Medury (Student, Vidya Jyothi)

Idea: Digital credentials management system as a Decentralized Application (DApp) on Algorand

Name: Authentium

Team: Phil Talbot, Jarnail Singh, Karan Singh, Kamal Singh, Venu Bhatt (Hackers)

Idea: Innovative delivery ecosystem for global food supply chains.


Name: Eventers

Team: Akshay Kant, Vivek Agarwal, Nishtha Kalra, Vikash Verma, Shashank Singhal (Hackers)

Idea: Open protocol ticket marketplace.


Obviously, scrolling through this page to see the amazing project ideas of each team must be a mouth-watering exercise. These innovative projects which will be supervised and supported by Algorand, Encode, Google cloud, and its developers will definitely improve the Decentralized finance and blockchain system as a whole.