Mayor of Miami describes Bitcoin as a stable investment during an incredibly unstable year

The Mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez has been learning about Bitcoin with the help of Anthony Pompliano and the Winklevoss twins.

Mayor Francis Suarez tweeted on Thursday about Bitcoin. In his tweet he described Bitcoin as a “stable investment during an incredibly unstable year”. He added that he’s currently reading Bitcoin Billionaires by Tyler Winklevoss.

Further more in his tweet he asked for Anthony Pompliano’s suggestion on other good books he can recommend for him to read and learn more about Bitcoin.

With the current growing interest in Bitcoin by institutional clients and high profile investors, Miami mayor Francis Suarez is the latest to be added to this growing list. This goes a long way to show that mainstream adoption is growing.

Also on Thursday, Mayor Francis Suarez responded to a tweet by Nate Heinrich, where Nate suggested that “Miami could be the first crypto centric government in the U.S”. He added “Someone should help @FrancisSuarez try some crypto-based concepts for the people: Voting? Tokenize upside of the city? Capital raise?”. Mayor Francis Suarez in response to the tweet said “Absolutely exploring that”.