Reach, The Safest And Easiest Way To Building Dapps With Algorand

It is common knowledge that building applications can become quite a difficult task, or even more complicated when it comes to developing blockchain applications. The reality is that building blockchain applications on any system or platform using already pre-existing tools is characterized with many hurdles, thus many developers over the years have expressed that this exercise can be a very difficult, time-wasting, and risky one.

Also, it requires a great understanding and knowledge of some specific language before blockchain engagement can truly be achieved to its optimum. This problem, however, has become a challenge to blockchain generally and its promotion between stakeholders, user, and potential users.

One of the core problems of blockchain application development is that it is very time-consuming. Building blockchain applications require that app developers code at a very low level of abstraction. Although, similar to building a web application, but one can only use Assembly which is theoretically possible, but entirely impractical.

As regarding the complexity, building a single blockchain application is synonymous to building multiple applications at once. These multiple applications are required to be interactive with each other. It is thereby imperative that they’re all updated and that synchronization is guaranteed.

Furthermore, it can be a very dangerous task. Hitherto, blockchain applications definitely involve financial assets, thus if the application gets hacked, not only will the developer lose his assets, the users will also lose their assets, unlike conventional web applications that only need the database to be rolled back up. This can be very expensive and the likelihood of error is high.

Finally, analysing the Protocol Lockin it is observed that blockchain protocols are divided and mostly proprietary. Whatever protocol or platform a developer decides to build on will result in that application locked in forever and to transition to another protocol one would have to rewrite the application from the beginning.

The existing modalities that surround the current blockchain development are frustratingly difficult and demand for massive, measurable improvement.
Recently, Reach was awarded an Algorand Foundation Grant to tackle this set of problems. The main aim wasn’t just to improve the blockchain development experience, but to positively change the way blockchain developers approach their craft.
The grant was marshalled towards making blockchain development ten or even a hundred times better. Fortunately, the solution emerged in just a year and it is based on Algorand’s Co-Founder and CTO’s 15+ years of computer science research and investigation of formal verification, compilation, and cryptographic protocols.

Reach successfully fixed all the major challenges associated with blockchain development by:
Raising the level of abstraction to allow developers to code at business level logic which allows them to develop applications speedily and efficiently.
Ensuring that developers do not need to build both smarts contracts and client endpoints by levelling the entire protocol on DApps
Providing maximum guarantee against all types of bugs, and providing the avenue for inline custom assertions that normally would’ve required an expert to replicate.
Making sure that developers can write their application once and launch it on a platform that soothes them the most. This will allow more developers to collaborate no matter the protocol of their choice.
Reach is still on course to further add to its existing rich portfolio of uses cases, that exclusively outline a vivid picture of the unique advantages the Reach platform has to offer.
To begin with, Cosimo Bassi, an Algorand Developer Ambassador recently implemented the AlgoNim, a Nim game of the Algorand blockchain. This game (AlgoNim) took over 60 hours and 1500+ lines of hand-built TEAL, with Reach, application development time was cut to under an hour using fewer than 100 lines of code.
Characteristics of developing AlgoNim conventionally include over 60 Hours to Build, 1,500+ Lines of Code and it was only on Algorand. Find more details here.

However, using “Reach” it took just less than 1 Hour to Build, 94 Lines of Code, runs on Ethereum and Algorand, mathematically Guaranteed and it provides some extra Functionality/Features. Find more here
Reach is faster, more efficient, easier, more secured, and better than the conventional ways of developing blockchain applications.
With Reach, app developers are now introduced to Algorand Smart Contracts on Layer 1 (ASC1) alongside Ethereum contracts. Also, the Reach solution gives developers the medium to transition frictionlessly between protocols in less time and less complexity and fewer resources.


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