Grayscale resumes investments into its crypto trusts

Digital asset investment manager, Grayscale has resumed investment into some of it crypto trusts after suspending it late December.

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The investment manager had temporarily suspended inflows into six of its cryptocurrency trusts in late December 2020. Presently new investors can invest in the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust and Grayscale digital large cap fund trust.

Grayscale cryptocurrency trusts

Grayscale Ethereum trust is presently unavailable while the Grayscale XRP Trust is still inactive. Earlier this year, Grayscale liquidated all its XRP holdings due to news of US Securities and Exchange Commission lawsuit against Ripple and its CEO.

Crypto enthusiasts have continued to monitor Grayscale closely, presently it is the world’s largest cryptocurrency asset manager with over $24 billion assets under management across its various cryptocurrency trusts.

From time to time Grayscale temporarily pauses and resumes new investor inflows into its cryptocurrency funds. Newly purchased shares by investors in the Grayscale crypto trusts are subject to a six month lock-up period, after this period investors are free to sell the shares to non-accredited investors on the open market.