#Play2Earn: Introducing Flying Mononoke

Flying Mononoke is a blockchain play2earn game based on a Japanese fantasy anime titled Princess Mononoke. The game will be an action role-playing game with features of the original Princess Mononoke anime but with more magic, Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and the introduction of a play-to-earn mechanism powered by the $MONOK token.

Flying Mononoke Team

The Flying Mononoke team is headed by El Revoltoso who is the owner of CryptoGuerillas. He has been in the cryptocurrency industry since 2017 and has worked with Phantasma Chain (SOUL), DEXT Force, Virtus Empire, etc.

El Revoltoso flying Mononoke

According to Revoltoso, they have a team of four developers currently working on the game. This project is self-funded by the team but they recently secured external funding from an investor based on a recent announcement.

Features of flying Mononoke game

Mythical Creatures

Mythical creatures in the Flying Mononoke blockchain game

The game will feature mythical creatures which will be rare NFTs entirely owned by game players. The creatures will possess superpowers that can be harnessed in the metaverse either for good or bad.

Mystery Quests

Flying Mononoke mystery quests

Mystery quests are a type of side quests players can play and upon completion, they can win unique NFTs. Most importantly this will help players to master the game.

The NFTs that can be won after completing side quests include powerful weapons, special armor, secondary characters that will follow you along with the game, mythical creatures, or magical powers.

Realistic Graphics

Revoltoso main objecting for Flying Mononoke is to deliver an AAA-rated video game that can compete against games like The Witcher and other top traditional games. To accomplish this they plan to develop a game with one of the best realistic graphics and well-designed NFTs in the industry so far.

Enemy Territory

The game will also feature an enemy territory with very dangerous and strong adversaries, where you need to be on guard at every time.

Flying Mononoke Metaverse

An important feature of the game is their real-world map which is a metaverse. Game players will be able to explore the Flying Mononoke realistic metaverse for free and in the process discover hidden treasures and embark on adventures.

Monokaito Game Studio

This is the most exciting feature of the project. It’s important to note that the team behind this project is not just developing a game but has founded a game studio where other blockchain games will be developed.

Flying Mononoke gaming studio Monokaito

Flying Mononoke will be one of many game titles the Monokaito Game Studio plans to launch. $MONOK holders will qualify for future airdrops of game titles to be launched by Monokaito Game Studio.

How will Flying Mononoke play2earn mechanism work?

The Flying Mononoke play-to-earn mechanism will be implemented in two ways:

1. Play-to-earn Rewards: Game players will be rewarded with $MONOK tokens for every skill in the game. We are yet to know the exact amount each kill in the game will be rewarded with.

Also for completing mystery quests players will be rewarded with $MONOK tokens and hidden treasures in form of NFTs that can be traded on the marketplace.

2. Staking: players will be able to stake $MONOK by locking it in an NFT character and gain APY while playing the game. The longer your character survives in the game the higher your APY but when your character dies while playing your APY will reduce drastically.

How to invest in Flying Mononoke

For investors looking to invest in the project, you can do that by buying $MONOK on Pancakeswap. At the moment this is the only way to invest in the project since the whole ecosystem is still in development.

Is Flying Mononoke a rug?

To determine if flying Mononoke is a rug or not we will use the following factors to check…

Website: yes, https://flyingmononoke.com/
Twitter handle: yes, https://mobile.twitter.com/MonokBSC
Locked liquidity: yes,
Doxxed team: Yes, the team is doxxed
Mint function: No mint function
Renounced ownership: No.
Playable game: No, the Game is expected in Q3 2022
Amount of liquidity: Good liquidity, as it passes the $50k mark.

Our opinion on Flying Mononoke

Judging from the eight factors highlighted above, we believe Flying Mononoke can be a good long-term play-to-earn project to invest in. Please do not take this as an investment advice. You are expected to do your own research and if it passes a majority of your checks you can invest at your own risk.