#Play2Earn: Introducing LUXE Racing

LUXE Racing is a very interesting project for cryptocurrency enthusiasts like me. There’s this favorite question crypto traders/investors ask very often, “when Lambo?”, now with LUXE Racing you can buy that Lambo and have it in your metamask even before buying a physical one you can drive Lol…

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This project opens up an exciting aspect of racing games where investors can play-to-earn money while racing with their favorite luxury cars. Imagine playing Asphalt 8 on your phone and earning some dollars in the process? This is exactly what LUXE Racing is all about.

The LUXE Racing Team

Hot Dog

The project is headed by HotDog. Based on my conversations with him on telegram he claims to be doxxed. According to his profile on the website he has multiple business-related degrees and over his professional career has consisted of multiple years leading departments such as Marketing, Front End Design, Sales Strategy, and Business Development; in Industries such as Professional Racing, Marketing Technology, and SAAS.

This is the only image we have of him as of the time of writing this article.

Hit Dog CEO of LUXE Racing


The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is Cube. According to the website he has 20+ years of game development. He has worked for Rockstar Games, Microsoft, and several other studios.

Cube has also worked on games like Midnight Club Racing Series, Red Dead Redemption, Blur Racing, Forza, and various mobile/Facebook games.

Cube the CTO of LUXE Racing

The Community Admin Leader is Tristan. His profile can be found on the website.

The interesting thing about this project is they already have a CMO/Marketing Advisor, so investors won’t have to ask “when marketing?” LOL.

Ignite Marketing is the Marketing Advisor of the LUXE Racing project. Although we couldn’t find more information on them.

Ignite marketing the marketing advisors of LUXE Racing

LUXE Racing Game Features

The LUXE Racing game has the following features:

1. LUXE Token: $LUXE is the native token of the LUXE Racing ecosystem and it’s the main medium of exchange within the ecosystem. This means to access services on the platform you need the LUXE token.

LUXE tokenomics

2. LUXE NFTs: The project will feature Supercars in form of NFTs that players can own. Players will be able to mint each NFT using the LUXE token. These NFT Supercars include Lamborghini Aventador, Porsche GT3 RS, Koenigsegg Gemara, Ferarri 488 Pista, and AMG GT.

The NFTs Genesis mint with five Supercars of different variations is scheduled for 21st March. Below are three variations of the Koenigsegg Gemara NFTs.

LUXE Racing NFTs supercars

3. Racing environments: The game will also feature immersive racing environments in form of a metaverse where players will be able to race against each other, customize and upgrade their cars, and explore.

The racing environments and the NFTs are created using the Unreal Engine. This would give it a very realistic feel and well-designed NFT Supercars according to detail.


4. LUXE staking:

The project also offers holders of $LUXE an opportunity to stake their tokens in return for passive income through a partnership with The Sphynx. Tokens holders can stake their tokens in the pool and earn APR with a 30 day lock period, 10% early withdrawal fee, and variable APR based on a total number of tokens staked in the pool.

5. In-Game Advertising Capabilities: the game will have in-game advertising boards in the racing environments. I believe you have never seen this in any play-to-earn project before? They need to get a patent for this🤔.

This will form a revenue stream for the team and an opportunity for companies and organizations to place targetted Ads in the #LUXERacing metaverse.


LUXE Racing play-to-earn mechanism

To be able to harness the play-to-earn feature you need an NFT supercar you either minted during the genesis mint or bought in the NFT marketplace. Now with your NFT supercar, you can participate in the race.

The first play-to-earn mechanism mentioned by the team is the fastest lap racing competition, where the top three racers will share from the prize pool of wagered $LUXE tokens. To enter the race a player has to own an NFT supercar and then wager with $LUXE.

The team is currently working on other innovative play-to-earn strategies which will be unveiled soon after the genesis mint.

How to invest in LUXE Racing

You can invest in LUXE Racing through the following two ways:

1. Token: the first major way of investing in any cryptocurrency project is by buying the project tokens. This will form our first way of investing in LUXE Racing.

2. NFTs: another way of investing in LUXE Racing is by minting one of the NFT supercars during the genesis mint or by buying it on the NFT marketplace. The LUXE Racing NFTs Genesis Mint will take place on 21st of March.

Is LUXE Racing a rug?

To determine if LUXE Racing is a rug or not we will use the following factors to check:

Website: yes, https://luxeracing.tech

Twitter handle: yes, https://www.twitter.com/RacingLuxe

Locked liquidity: yes, 1 year 75% and 6 months 25%.

Doxxed team: Yes, the team is doxxed.

Mint function: No mint function

Renounced ownership: No.

Playable game: Yes, there is a demo you can download now and play.

Amount of liquidity: Good liquidity, $376,258.77.

Smart contract audit: Yes, by InterFi Network