Crypto News Repost for 24 March

Meta files for trademarks for crypto tokens, wallets and exchanges

Meta, formerly Facebook, filed eight trademark applications on Friday for its logo to cover a wide range of digital purposes, including cryptocurrency tokens, wallets, and exchanges.

Among the eight trademark filings, six explicitly refer to cryptocurrency and blockchain-based technologies. (The filings can be viewed by searching the serial numbers on the Patent and Trademark Office website.

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Florida to accept Bitcoin for tax payments

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, viewed as an early favorite for the Republican 2024 presidential nomination (should Donald Trump not run again), is doing some early work to reach the Bitcoin demographic.

At a signing ceremony Tuesday for a bill to mandate high school financial literacy classes, DeSantis said: “I’ve told the state agencies to figure out ways where if a business wants to pay tax in cryptocurrency to Florida, we should be willing to accept that.”

Read the whole story is the official sponsor of the 2022 FIFA World Cup is back yet again with another push into the world of sports. FIFA has announced that the platform has been officially chosen as the sponsorer of this year’s World Cup. This announcement was made through a press release on March 22.

The compensation remains undisclosed as of now. This sponsorship agreement will most definitely provide with a massive boost to its brand presence.

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Ukrainian refugee escape with life savings in Bitcoin on a pen drive

CNBC reported today that a 20-year-old refugee fled Ukraine and the only money he was able to carry was the Bitcoin he held on his pen drive. The Ukrainian, going by Fadey, is not alone as many people are relying on crypto to help them cross European borders.

Due to issues with bank transactions and long ATM queues at ATMs, many have been left without access to funds. However, Fadey was able to make a P2P Bitcoin trade with a friend for $600 worth of the Polish currency, złoty. He then used the money to buy a bus ticket into Poland. Fadey told CNBC,

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ANZ Becomes The First Bank To Mint Australian Dollar Stablecoin

Big 4 bank ANZ has become the first Australian bank to mint an Australia dollar (AUD) pegged stablecoin named “A$DC.”

But rival bank NAB also has its own stablecoin project which is expected to launch by the end of the year.

ANZ is working with local regulators such as AUSTRAC and APRA to get the project signed off in a compliant manner, and has already run a test transaction on the Ethereum blockchain with its institutional partner Victor Smorgon Group, the family office tied to the billionaire Smorgon family.

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Nifty News: Mayweather returns to crypto ring after legal KO… Reef gets NFTs

Legendary boxing champion Floyd Mayweather is taking another jab at the crypto space by launching a new NFT and Metaverse project called the Mayweverse.

The nonfungible tokens (NFT) will feature the likeness of Mayweather himself and provide various utilities and prizes for holders depending on the rarity of the item. Little more is known about the project at the time of writing other than that the Metaverse will contain a boxing gym.

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