Shibcraft a Web3 Game inspired by Minecraft

Web3 Gaming has continued to grow in popularity with the integration of Metaverse and NFTs. Many traditional games are inspiring the development of Web3 games modeled after them, one of which is Minecraft.

A brief introduction to Minecraft

Minecraft best selling game ever

Minecraft is a game developed by Mojang Studios. The game was fully released in November 2011, although it was first made public in May 2009. Minecraft is the most successful video game of all time, with over 140 million monthly active users and selling over 230 million copies worldwide as of 2021.

What is Shibcraft?

Shibcraft is a Web3 game developed by Jamy, an anonymous independent blockchain developer on the Ethereum blockchain. Jamy has previously worked on blockchain projects which include Phanoti, Phoge, EpiChain, and now Shibcraft.


Shibcraft open world metaverse

Shibcraft features the Shiba Inu character of the popular cryptocurrency SHIB and all 10,000 Shiboshi NFTs exploring a blocky 3D world very similar to Minecraft. It’s important to note that Minecraft inspired the development of Shibcraft. The Shibcraft alpha was released on 24th November 2022.

Shibcraft gameplay mechanics

Shibcraft alpha gameplay currently revolves around players hunting for private keys which are spread over the Shibcraft open world. Players have to play against each other to find the 64 keys.

Shibcraft play-to-earn mechanics

The Shibcraft play-to-earn mechanism features two modes, these include:

1. Weekly Leaderboard: Each week the top 20 game players are ranked on a leaderboard based on the number of keys they have collected, and players earn between 58824 and 10 million $SHIB as rewards for keys collected.

Shibcraft weekly leaderboards

2. Private Key Prize: Each floppy disk in the game contains a random character of 64 character keys. During gameplay when a floppy disk is collected a pop-up appears which provides the player with a character and the position it appears within the string.

If a player finds all 64 characters, the player will gain access to the wallet containing the Private Key Prize of $SHIB tokens, in the process sweeping the whole wallet. Would you like to be that player? Go play the game then.

Features of Shibcraft

1. SHFT token: SHFT is the native cryptocurrency of the Shibcraft ecosystem. SHFT has a total supply of 9,424,777 with 100% circulating. SHFT has a 3% tax on all transactions including sells, buys, and transfers.

1% from the 3% tax on SHFT transactions is used to buy $SHIB and distribute it to SHFT holders in proportion to their holdings. Below is a complete breakdown of the 3% tax:

  • 1% Liquidity
  • 1% to holders in SHIB
  • 1% automatically sent to GiveWell Charity address paid in SHIB.

2. $SHIB rewards and utility: Utility is an important part of any cryptocurrency and Shibcraft has done excellently well here to not just create utility for their native token SHFT but have also integrated $SHIB.

$SHFT token holders can earn $SHIB as a reward for holding the token as stated above. Additionally, game players can use the $SHIB token to save their progression on the chain, add stamina, buy inventory items, submit a score, craft, and transact in the metaverse.

3. Shiboshi NFTs integration: Shibcraft went a step further by integrating all 10,000 Shiboshi NFTs. Game players who own Shiboshi NFTs can use their NFTs instead of the free character. Advantages of using Shiboshi NFTs in the game include extra health, discounts, boosted stats, etc.

4. Shibcraft Metaverse: Shibcraft is not just a game but features an open-world sandbox called the Shibcraft metaverse. The metaverse will begin as a flat item world where game players will design by crafting and placing blocks, equipment, structures, vehicles, and p2p shops.

Through cross-chain NFTs compatibility Shibcraft will use the same land NFTs of the official SHIB Metaverse with no plans to mint its land NFTs. Now it’s time for that important question, is Shibcraft the Minecraft killer on the blockchain? Let’s find out in our next article.