Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and Social Media

Social media plays a vital role in the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industry, utilizing them properly determines your success. There are a whole lot of social media platforms out there but the question is, as a Cryptocurrency enthusiast which platforms are the most important and why? I am going to take a look at each based on my personal views on which is more important using a geometrical progression.


First on my list is telegram. I put telegram as the most important of these social media platforms for any crypto enthusiast. I literally always check my telegram account first thing in the morning to keep up to date with the latest developments surrounding the tokens and coins I have invested in and also stay informed about latest news and developments in the Crypto and Blockchain Industry. 95% of cryptocurrency projects have either a telegram discussion group or a channel. You can easily determine the quality of a cryptocurrency project by its telegram account. A telegram account is a must have for every crypto enthusiast, investor and trader.
The advantage I think telegram has over other social media platforms is you can have direct access to the team running a crypto project in real time, hold conversations with them and ask pertinent question which you get immediate answers to. Also telegram groups & channels has a large user base, you will find cryptocurrency groups & channels with more than 100,000 members/subscribers.


Second on my list is twitter. It is also very important for every crypto enthusiast to have a twitter account. 85% percent of crypto projects, exchanges, blockchain firms own and run a twitter account for passing of information and engaging their investors/customers. When I see a new project either on Coinmarketcap or coingecko I find interesting, after checking if they own a telegram account what I do next is to check the twitter handle if they have one and if they have one how often do they post tweets? This determines if I invest in the project or not.
I usually check their tweets, see if they engage tweets and mentions when people ask questions and lay complains about certain issues about their project. On twitter you also have access to crypto influencers, see what they are talking about, engage their tweets and get response from them in real time. You can easily have access to people like John Mcafee, Pomplino, Roger Ver, Buterin, Ian Balina easily just by engaging their tweets or tagging them to your tweets. With this you can sample opinions and know how to make timely decisions.Twitter logo on Qrypto Central Blog


I know a lot of you may not be familiar with what Github is. We talked about Github in one of our past articles, you can read the article by clicking this link.
Github is a code hosting platform for version control and collaboration. It lets you and others work together on projects from anywhere. On this platform you will find codes of cryptocurrency projects that make their codes open to the public. As a blockchain developer and cryptocurrency miner Github is the go to place.


YouTube is a video sharing platform, where users can watch, share, like, comment and upload videos. On YouTube you will find Cryptocurrency and Blockchain channels with huge number of subscribers owned by crypto influencers. YouTube contributed immensely to the Crypto Bull run of 2017. As a crypto enthusiast YouTube is very important.


Bitcointalk is an online forum dedicated to the discussion of bitcoin blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. The forum was originally created by Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous inventor of Bitcoin on November 22, 2009. On this forum you will find discussions on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. You can access the forum through the URL


Medium is a micro blogging website. On medium we have crypto bloggers, crypto projects, blockchain brands set up accounts and blog on certain topics. I literally always look up medium when I want in depth explanation about certain news and developments in the Blockchain Industry or as it relates a project I am invested in. has got two unique advantages:
1. You can tag articles so that they show up for people interested in the topic you’re writing about—this is great for getting your name out there and building a following because the people are already on the platform.
2. The $5 subscription fee is paid to the writers on the platform, based on the popularity of their articles (how many, “claps,” each article gets).
Cryptocurrency is a hugely popular tag on Medium. Articles written in this space perform really well with Medium’s communities.medium logo on Qrypto Central Blog


Discord is a free voice, text and video chat app. It was created to bring people together through a love of gaming but in recent times discord has become a hub for cryptocurrency groups. To find a cryptocurrency group on discord visit the link
You can download the discord application on playstore or the apple app store.



Facebook is a social media and technology company. Facebook plays host to a large community of crypto groups. On these groups crypto education is offered, trading signals opinions, latest news and developments around the blockchain industry, etc. Cryptocurrency brands and Blockchain firms also set up facebook accounts for passing information to their investors and communities.


Cryptocurrency has received a lot of buzz in the last few years due to social media. Even if you do not invest in crypto but due to social media, chances are you might have heard and read about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The survival and success of cryptocurrency is hinged on having a large amount of users, looking at social media platforms they have a large number of users. 
Platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp has over 1 Billion active users monthly, other platforms like Twitter, Telegram each have over 200 million active users. By utilizing these social media platforms, the major requirement of cryptocurrency is fulfilled. 
People are largely enthusiastic about cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies brands and influencers are creating online discussion forums, Telegram groups & channels, medium blogs, discord & slack channels, subreddits etc. dedicated to discussing these digital currencies.
Another major reason for the success of cryptocurrencies is the introduction of new platforms where you can publish articles and get paid for it. Take for example, you can publish your work here and if users like your content, you would get paid due to the number of claps you get. Articles about blockchain and cryptocurrencies perform really well cos people have keen interest to know more.
As a cryptocurrency enthusiast, investor or trader you need to utilize social media on a daily basis in order to succeed.