African Blockchain Series Features Jelurida

Jelurida is a blockchain software company founded in 2016 and incorporated in Netherlands. Jelurida developed and maintains the NXT and Ardor blockchain platforms. Jelurida helps companies, startups, organizations, academia and individuals incorporate blockchain technology in their businesses or projects.
They help simplify the process of designing, building and implementing custom decentralized applications on public platforms or as private permissioned or hybrid solutions. Jelurida has it presence in over three Continents but our focus however will be on Jelurida Africa.
Jelurida Africa is headed by Mr. Adebayo Adebajo, a former employee of Poloniex. He was recruited by Lior Yaffe, the Managing Director and Co-Founder of Jelurida Swiss SA.
Jelurida Services
1. Technical Consultation: Jelurida offers consultancy services to organizations looking to explore the use of blockchain technology. Their consulting team assist in various aspects of blockchain technology development, integration and deployment for organizations.
These technical consultancy services are broken down into three categories, which includes:
Architecture Design and Optimization
Jelurida experienced software developers assist organizations in designing blockchain solutions architecture optimized towards their unique use case.
Blockchain Contract Implementation
Jelurida software developers assist in all stages of blockchain smart contract implementation – from the initial design to code review, testing, deployment and performance optimization of the smart contract.
Blockchain Development/Implementation
Jelurida provides full blockchain design and implementation services needed for a successful integration of blockchain technology to organizations and businesses.
2. Education and Training: Jelurida offers hands on practical training for staffs of organizations and institutions on blockchain technology. These trainings are focused on an overview of blockchain technology, its utility for businesses and management level stakeholders in an organization, benefits of this new technology when integrated, etc.
Jelurida also host workshops covering various aspects of the blockchain technology. These workshops are not limited to its own blockchain but extends to blockchain of other platforms.
Jelurida Products
NXT: Nxt is the first pure proof-of-stake blockchain and a “second generation” of cryptocurrency designed to expand the use of blockchain technology beyond the simple transfer of value. Soon after Bitcoin launched, it became apparent that the advantages of this revolutionary technology could be applicable in a variety of cases where transparency, immutability and disintermediation is of utmost importance. Nxt was a pioneer in exploring these capabilities.
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Ardor: Ardor is an open source multichain platform launched on 01.01.2018. Its unique architecture was designed from the beginning to overcome existing blockchain technology problems and ensure scalability.
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Ignis: Ignis is the main child chain of Ardor and an essential part of the platform. More than 20 built-in features on the Ignis child chain complement the proof-of-stake efficiency of the platform and make it suitable for a large variety of use cases. While the parent Ardor chain provides the security of the whole network, all the action happens on Ignis.
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About the Team
Jelurida Africa DLT comprises of a group of Distributed Ledger Technology and Smart Contracts experts working as an extension of Jelurida Swiss SA. Mr Adebayo Adebajo is the Managing Director.
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Contributions in the Blockchain Space in Africa
Jelurida Africa has contributed immensely in the blockchain space in Africa with a couple of pilot programs and collaborations in West and East Africa.UNN campus Hackathon
In Nigeria, Jelurida started with the Abuja Blockchain and AI Roundtable Conference. They went on to partner with Cryptography Development Initiative in Nigeria (CDIN).and Kaybabs Consult to sponsor the Campus Blockchain Hackathon Initiative which involved moving around Universities in Nigeria.Jelurida campus Hackathon
Jelurida also went on to launch the Africa Blockchain Institute (ABI) in partnership with Kaybabs Consult. The pilot phase of Africa Blockchain Institute (ABI) was carried out in Ghana, West Africa and then moved to Kigali, Rwanda to set up the headquarters of the Institute.
At the office in Lagos Nigeria, Jelurida Africa DLT has hosted numerous meetups, clients and several other engagements to further drive blockchain adoption. One of such events was the Lagos Blockchain in Health Seminar.
Jelurida Africa is made up of a group of Distributed Ledger Technology and Smart Contracts experts working with Jelurida Swiss SA, a blockchain software company in Switzerland with over 5 years’ experience developing blockchain software.
They assist established companies, businesses, start-ups to understand the blockchain technology and simplify the adoption process.
In recent times businesses are either looking for ways to be different than their competitors or looking for ways to launch as a startup that will give them the edge from the start.
Blockchain Technology offers the opportunity to raise funds for ideas, and then finally utilizing the technology itself in the business process. This is where Jelurida Africa comes in, with enough information on what the client business entails. They come up with several ideas for clients to choose from, where blockchain technology can be utilized.
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