Book Review: Digital is the Cash

Digital is the cash is a book authored by Nathaniel Luz. This book walks the reader through the history of money but not only limited to the past. It tells the reader about the present state of money and also projects you to the future of money which involves the digitalization of money and the global financial ecosystem.
Nathaniel Luz of Dash NigeriaNathaniel Luz is an educator, an author and most importantly a well known figure in the African Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industry. He is a strong advocate, promoting the wide adoption and use of Dash Cryptocurrency in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

When people are able to grasp the idea behind money. They will be able to understand Cryptocurrency and Global Market Dynamics – Nathaniel Luz


Chapters in Review 


Chapter One

The first chapter takes a look at the definition of money, the history of money, type of money and further more looked at the modern types of money.

Chapter Two

The financial sector is the engine room of our economy irrespective of the country you are from. A developed financial system helps promote economic development by facilitating capital accumulation, progress and increased utility of human and capital resources.
In this chapter the author took a look at the following with in depth analysis

  • History of the Global Financial Sector
  • Federal Reserve Bank
  • The great depression
  • The fall of money sytems

This chapter also highlights government failures in properly regulating money supply and not providing financial services to the unbanked which at the end of the day are at the receiving.

Chapter Three

Now the author let the readers take a look at the transitions as well as changes in this space as it relates with banking, the unbanked, the under banked and financial technology (Fintech).
These four emerging technologies are the foundation on which financial technology are built, there include:

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  2. Application Programming Interface (API)
  3. Distributed Ledger Technology (Blockchain and Cryptography)
  4. Biometrics


Chapter Four

The main theme of this chapter is Blockchain Technology.
This chapter covers the following

  • What is blockchain?
  • Benefits of using blockchain technology
  • Readers get the opportunity of an entry point to know the idea behind cryptocurrency bordering around how to send and receive cryptocurrency, how to store cryptocurrency and most importantly how to own cryptocurrency.

This chapter is the go to for all readers that are interested to learn about Digital currencies and Blockchain Technology.

Chapter Five

Have you heard about Dash Cryptocurrency?
This chapter should be renamed Dash Land lol.
Here you learn the following :

  1. what Dash is?
  2. History of Dash
  3. Use cases of Dash
  4. Features of Dash
  5. Why you as a reader should choose Dash
  6. How Dash bridges the adoption and use gap
  7. Evolution of Dash

This chapter is exclusively for Dash Cryptocurrency and Blockchain.

Chapter Six

Have you ever wondered sectors Blockchain Technology can be applied? In this chapter answers to this question are provided and you will be walked on how Blockchain Technology can be applied in:

  1.  Real estate
  2. Health care
  3. Supply Chain Management
  4. Governance
  5. Data storage and security
  6. Education sector
  7. Energy Sector, etc.

Also note that in this chapter the author took a look at Blockchain Technology in Africa bordering around its adoption and regulation.
There has been many misconceptions and rebuttals about Dash Cryptocurrency. In the closing part of this chapter the author provided readers with first hand information about Dash and cleared these misconceptions people have about Dash.


This book provided me an insight into the history of money, the present state of money and the future of money as it relates to technologies like

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Distributed Ledger Technology (Blockchain and Cryptography)
  • Biometrics

The main theme of this book for me hovers around Financial Technology, Digital Currency and Blockchain Technology.
In the closing chapters the author did not only introduce Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology. He went further to look at how blockchain technology can be applied in different sectors in the World today.
Most importantly in this book the author shined the light on Dash cryptocurrency. Taking a look at the history of Dash, misconceptions associated with Dash, features of Dash, different sectors Dash can be applied, etc.
If you are interested to learn about Dash, Financial Technology, Digital Currency or Blockchain Technology… Digital is the cash is the book to read.
You can buy Digital is the cash on Amazon and RHBooks
You can also reach the author on twitter via @Nathaniel_Luz