Naijacrypto Lists Dash with 0% Trading Fee

Naijacrypto a top indigenous Nigerian exchange announced a partnership with Dash, the top digital currency for international payments and remittances, alongside listing Dash at 0% trading fee for the next 3 months.
Founded a year ago, Naijacrypto provides a seamless means for users to convert fiat to crypto and vice versa and they also support crypto to crypto swaps.
Nigeria has been a popular crypto hotspot over the years always among the top in more ranking of traded bitcoin volumes. This is fueled in part by the huge remittance inflow into the country which was more than the oil revenue of the country in 2018. As more people switch over to using crypto for remittances, Naijacrypto aims to be their top destination.
When asked about their reasons for listing Dash, Chiagozie Iwu, CEO of Naijacrypto said, “with thousands of merchants accepting Dash coupled with super fast transaction speed, listing Dash was a no-brainer especially considering the potential to help remittances into Nigeria”.
According to Nathaniel Luz, Lead of Dash Nigeria, “fiat to crypto onramps are the killer app of crypto adoption as they allow users easily move in and out of crypto. They’re also the plug of those who want an easy way to send and receive remittances’.
He also commended Naijacrypto for listing Dash and making all transactions entirely free as this will attract users to use Dash on the platform.
Naijacrypto will be organising a meetup March 27, 2020 focused on Remittances & International Payments: The Crypto Way and registration is ongoing here.

About Dash

Dash is digital cash, allowing millions of individuals, as well as thousands of merchants and businesses across the globe to carry out blazingly fast, secure transactions for less than a cent.
A top ranked cryptocurrency, with a market cap of over $1.14 billion USD, and the rising alternative to bitcoin, Dash is accepted at thousands of merchants globally, accessible via 700+ ATMS and 90+ exchanges worldwide, making it one of the few, offering safe, decentralized
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About Naijacrypto Exchange

(Naijacrypto is a Top Nigerian cryptocurrency exchange focused on security, transparency and Education. The exchange has been a leading choice for Nigerians due to its low fees while offering services that exceed acceptable standards. )
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