The #500NigeriaDevs4Eth kick-off University Developer Training Program with Covenant University

The #500NigeriaDevs4Eth designed to attract new developers into the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem is kick-starting University Developer training program.
The University developer training program was designed to train on-site developers in universities and the university environment. The on-site program is designed to complement the online effort of the project and will run in several universities in Nigeria.
With an increasing number of universities interested in hosting the developer training program, the program is set to kick-off with Covenant University, Ota and will be hosted by Hebron Startup Labs.
Hebron Startup Labs is a living technology hub wholly funded and run by the management of Covenant University with the core drive and motivation to help produce more entrepreneurs (regardless of their academic level) from within the institution rather than just certificate holders contributing in part to unemployment in the country. The Lab will be working with the #500NigeriaDevs4Eth team to coordinate the students and offer their facilities to be used for the training program while #500NigeriaDevs4Eth team will be providing the mentors to carry out the teaching process.

Hebron Startup Labs

Hebron Startup Labs and #500NigeriaDevs4Eth reached a working agreement after the meetup hosted by the Cryptography Development Initiative of Nigeria (CDIN) at the university premises. The meetup focused on raising one million blockchain developers and had a good number of blockchain enthusiasts and web2 devs in
Registration for the University Developer training program is opened for students and members of the Covenant University community and with the present pandemic situation, the class will run online for registered students using the university’s online learning platform and will move back to onsite learning as soon as the Covid-19 pandemic is eased and work returns to normal.
Are you a student of the institution or you live within the institution environment, Register here