Africa Blockchain

Introducing Africa Blockchain Series

As an African if you are asked about cryptocurrency. You will mention either Bitcoin or Ethereum but if you are asked to mention one cryptocurrency and blockchain project in the African Continent, you will definitely have to use Google first. This is where Qrypto Central comes to the rescue, with a blockchain series entirely focused on African Cryptocurrency and Blockchain projects, start-ups and personalities.
The Africa Blockchain Series started with the desire to showcase our giant strides in the Blockchain Industry in Africa not just to Africans but also to non Africans eager to know how far the technology has developed in the our Continent.
Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey came to Africa in November 2019 and during his time here he visited technology incubating hubs in Ethiopia, Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa. He also met with bitcoin communities in Ghana and Nigeria. While at Ghana bitcoin meet-up on the sidelines he met with Bitsika team.

While leaving Jack said Africa is the future and he would like to come back to Africa and spend some time. This would tell you he was impressed with what he saw and how far we have developed in the Technology, Financial Technology and Blockchain space.jack and bitcoin community Ethiopia
We at Qryptocentral are also impressed with the giant strides Africans in the Technology, Fintech and Blockchain Industry are making.
We decided to be part of these financial technology revolution sweeping across the African Continent by starting the Africa Blockchain Series.
We formally introduce to you Africa Blockchain Series. Dedicated to be at the forefront of telling you the stories about African start-ups, projects and personalities in the Fintech, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industry.