DeFi Tokens Combined Market Cap Goes Above $2 Billion

The Decentralized Finance(DeFi) tokens combined market cap has gone above the $2 Billion mark and at the time of typing this article DeFi tokens Market Cap is $2,342,592,081.

Decentralized Finance has witnessed a meteoric rise so far in 2020. As at April 14 when the DeFi Market Cap metrics website was launched, DeFi Tokens Market Cap stood at $986 million. The DeFi industry has witnessed a 120% rise over the past two months in regards the Market Capitalization of DeFi tokens. This shows the decentralized finance(DeFi) industry is rapidly growing as users are exploring new ways to get loans and earn interest outside the control of banks and traditional financial institutions.

DeFi Market Cap is a price tracking website is exclusively for DeFi Tokens, developed by Zerion team. MakerDAO is the top token on the website with the highest market cap, followed by 0x, Kyber Network Crystal and Synthetix Network Token. The total number of tokens listed on the DeFi Market Cap website is 568.