People in the U.S. can now pay for passport services using Bitcoin

Peninsula Visa will now start accepting Bitcoin as payment for passport and visa related services.

 California based passport and visa processing company, Peninsula Visa has announced that it’s customers can now pay for select passport services using Bitcoin via Coinbase Commerce, as the U.S. State Department’s operations are beginning to return to normal due to Covid19 disruptions.

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Customers will now have the option to pay using Bitcoin for select passport services like passport renewal, name Change, second passport and second passport renewal with plans to roll out additional passport and visa services in the next 12 months.

Evan James, Chief Operating Officer at Peninsula Visa said:

Never before has anyone been able to pay for a U.S. passport using a digital currency. We’re thrilled to be the first company in the nation offering this alternative payment method to our valued customers.

Bitcoin adoption is growing globally

Peninsula Visa is the first company in the United States of America and the second globally to accept Bitcoin as payment for visa and passport services. The Venezuelan government in June this year listed Bitcoin as a form of payment for passport applications from Venezuelan citizens living outside the country.

In Australia, residents can pay for services in all 3,500 post offices using Bitcoin. Just last week, PayPal rolled out it’s cryptocurrency trading services in the United States of America. Bitcoin adoption keeps growing despite uncertainties bordering round regulations.