About us

Qrypto Central is an informational and educational platform founded in December 2019. We are committed to providing informative and educational content about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology ranging from news, reviews, tutorials, opinions, facts, etc.

We at qryptocentral aim to provide an entry point for all cryptocurrency enthusiasts. we will help make you understand this emerging technology and also keep you informed on the latest news, innovations, events, government regulations as it relates to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in Africa and the World.

Presently in the African Continent, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology adoption has been on the rise. We aim to be at the forefront of telling stories about Cryptocurrency and blockchain in Africa. The Blockchain Technology if utilized in Africa will provide solutions to a number of problems in the Continent.

Our motto is – understanding cryptocurrency. We are passionate about the Blockchain Technology and as our motto states, we are committed to make you understand how cryptocurrency works through our informative and educational contents.